4 Helpful Resources to Increase Visibility for Your FBO


We all know FBOs have had challenges with accepting technology and have been a bit slow to adapt to change at times. I believe over the next few years we will be seeing a higher sense of urgency around technological resources in our industry that will improve the way FBOs market and operate their business. Visibility of both your FBO offering to flight departments and visibility to your current and prospect customers are important to not only sustain your business, but to grow it as well.

There are currently quite a few resources available that can be of great assistance to your FBO. I will list just a few below with a quick description.

  1. ForeFlight App: ForeFlight is a great companion for pilots, but has also become an excellent outlet for airport businesses. The ForeFlight Directory is a listing service, which allows FBOs to inform users with information about their business. Your listing showcases your services, amenities, and affiliations, and makes destination planning easier and more enjoyable. This app has allowed FBOs to expose their business to thousands of pilots researching and planning trips every month by giving them direct access to information both on and offline.
  2. AirNav: AirNav is another flight planning resource for pilots that allows FBOs to list their information. They have an app available for the iPhone/iPad, which features a quick reference on all fuel prices, reviews on FBOs, FBO contact frequencies, and Google maps integration. It is important to keep your FBOs information updated on the AirNav site.
  3. Fltplan.com: Fltplan.com is the #1 flight planning website and is currently being used by over 85,000 pilots to create, file and manage their flight plans. Fltplan.com has an “Airports & FBOs” search function, which allows pilots to search by city & state or airport ID to find an FBO. Listings will come up for each of the applicable FBOs that include a description, contact information, website link, fuel pricing, and information on services and special features.
  4. A Good Flight Tracking System: There are many flight tracking systems available to you for a minimal cost, but cheaper isn’t always better. Candidly, you need to make sure you are using the right flight tracking system based on your needs. Ask yourself, “Can I identify my current and target customers easily?” The key word in the question is “easily”.  If not, why can’t you?  The answer will help you to determine the best system for your FBO. For example, we use TRAQPak FBO because we’ve found that it is extremely reliable and the overall value to our FBOs is second to none.  It is so much more than a flight tracking program.  It is a very strong sales and marketing tool , which happens to be used by most of our FBO network members.

Your opinion and feedback is important for those in your FBO network. What do you think about these resources? Do you use any of them and are they valuable resources for FBOs?